the shaman

“The Shaman travels between the worlds, bringing back information and knowledge with which to influence the material world. The teacher is the one who puts the information into an intelligible form, one which can be understood, and is responsible for communicating that information wisely and effectively. The healer takes the information received and applies it for the healing of human and other beings on earth.“

channeled by Lia Ayley, May 2008


Francis Ayley is a Celtic Shaman, teacher and healer. He trained with leading masters in astrology, Tarot, psychotherapy, martial arts, Taoism, Buddism, esoteric Christianity, and the ancient art of Alchemy (self-transformation). He travels between the worlds and communicates transpersonal wisdom.

tarot master

Francis is a Master of the Tarot.


Francis is an Ordained Minister in Washington State USA, and is available for consultation or ceremony in Bellingham WA.

monetary reformer

Francis is also a consultant for monetary reform and has created two successful alternative money systems over the last twenty years. He is available as a monetary consultant to any group who wish to create a cooperative economy as a healthy alternative to the present dysfunctional system of bank issued money.