Francis trained in astrology with Liz Greene at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London, The Faculty of Astrological Studies (London) and also with Christina Rose (London). He has broken the frontiers of astrological practice by searching for and finding the correct 'House System', something that has eluded astrologers for centuries.


Over the years Francis has given thousands of readings and consultations to a wide variety of people. He provides a spiritual perspective and provides transpersonal clarity by describing how your personality works. This can be invaluable information, especially in a personal crises. Many clients have received readings at major turning points in their lives. Knowing yourself is an invaluable asset when facing major life changes.

astrology classes

He has used astrology for personal growth and taught astrology to groups and individuals for more than thirty years.

house systems

There are hundreds of different 'House Systems', each puts the planets in a different house. Francis has found the 'correct' house system and proven its validity in hundreds of birth charts for more than twenty years.