Francis is a Tarot Master. For over thirty years Francis has trained and taught the use of Tarot as a Divination Tool. He is also a master of Tarot as a system of Alchemy and as a system of Magic (Tarot Magic). For further information see his Tarot website dedicated to his experience with Tarot.

master of the tarot

A Master of the Tarot works with this divination tool on three levels. Firstly as a tool for divination. Secondly, as a system of symbols for personal enlightenment. Thirdly, for Tarot Magic.


Many people attempt to use Tarot as a divination tool. Over the last few decades Tarot divination has become a popular pastime. But Tarot is a means of seeing reality beyond the space-time continuum for those who are ready to learn it's inner secrets. It is one of the most potent devices for seeing Truth and communicating with the divine. Many play with these images, few use them wisely.

tarot symbology

Tarot is a system of symbols, a system of powerful archetypal images. These images can be used to reach higher levels of consciousness, not ordinarily available. Any student who dedicates themselves to serious work with these archetypal symbols will be rewarded with true Self-knowledge.

tarot magic

Tarot Magic is advanced archetypal Magic, practiced by only a few.