Metta Bhavana Teaching

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The beautiful Buddhist Metta Bhavana practice is the prelude to experiencing Apramāṇa, the Four Brahmavihārās. The Brahmavihārās, are also known as the four immeasurables (Sanskrit: apramāṇa, Pāli: appamaññā).

The Four Brahmavihārās are:

By practicing the Metta Bhavana meditation you will cultivate inner peace, authentic harmony, tranquility and serenity. There are no better transpersonal qualities to cultivate than these.

I have practiced both the Metta Bhavana and the Mindfullness of Breathing since I as 18 years old. I have been experiencing Upekkhā (Equanimity) more and more these last few years. It is a deep peacefulness and tranquility beyond words.