Francis Ayley

Francis has been a psychic and a seer since early childhood, and has practiced Buddhist meditation since the age of 18 and Taoist Arts since 20. His compelling desire to understand the non-physical worlds motivated him to study psychological astrology and tarot, and he quickly recognized the immense value of these spiritual tools. For over 40 years, Francis has dedicated himself to the study and teaching of Tarot and astrology, as tools for traveling the path to higher consciousness and for living a skillful, fulfilling life. He has been privileged to study with exceptional teachers, and has given astrology and tarot readings to thousands of people in the UK, the USA and internationally.

When he lived in the UK, Francis trained first in humanistic psychotherapy, which gave him a solid foundation in personality dynamics, then in transpersonal psychotherapy, which allowed him to utilise his extensive other worldly abilities within the psychotherapeutic domain. Francis is unique in combining both deep spiritual insights with modern psychology.

With his psychotherapeutic training and extensive background in both hard and soft-style martial arts, Francis worked as a consultant psychotherapist in the UK for 14 years, specializing in the management and prevention of violence. He designed and ran training courses for thousands of social services staff and others who work with the public in the UK, empowering them to understand victim / persecutor dynamics and intervene effectively in violent or potentially violent situations.

In classes and individual sessions, Francis acts as a catalyst, assisting people to re-align themselves with their soul consciousness and re-discover their power for effective action.

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